Voice Diagnostics Of The Future

In the future modern technologies will be so developed that patients will be diagnosed only by their voice. It may seem impossible now but Israeli company Beyond Verbal, specializing in the sphere of people intonation and tone, is going to present a new platform that will help to perform such a kind of diagnostics.

This development called Beyond mHealth Research Platform uses AI technologies to analyze very slight differences in people’s voice, which we can not even hear without special equipment. So called “biomarkers” can tell a lot about patient’s condition, so doctors working with the platform can diagnose many illnesses ranging from usual depression to different heart illnesses.  

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Company Beyond Verbal has been gathering voice data for analysis for more than 20 years. During the experiments more than 2.5 million of tracks with biomarkers in 40 different languages were used to analyze people’s emotions.  The company is cooperating with Mayo Clinic in the US, clinic center in Hadassah,Tel Aviv University, and it is going to expand the list of partners. If the scientists succeed in creating a full-scale program for analyzing voice, it will be a real breakthrough in modern diagnostics.

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