Apple Will Release Unique Wireless Headphones AirPods

Recently Apple released its new headphones AirPods packed with latest technologies that change our concept of listening to music, making calls, watching films and programs, playing games and interacting with Siri in general.

You do not need to customize AirPods as you do it with usual wireless earplugs. The only thing you need to do is to open a unique charging casing and in an instant, you can use it for work with your iPhone and Apple Watch. These brand-new headphones can differentiate if you listen to music or not and they accordingly switch it on and off automatically. Touch your headphones twice and Airpods will open access to your personal assistant Siri. A new super economical processor Apple W1 provides all these hi-tech functions and opportunities of high quality sound and long-term work without recharging. Airpods will be available for sale in the end of October.

“Airpods is a real breakthrough in the field of wireless sound transmitting. A new processor provides unique functions, a high quality of sound, long-term functioning without recharging and automatic settings”, said Philip Schiller, Apple marketing vice president. “The work of Airpods can be compared with a mystery. They do not have any buttons and switches. They automatically connect with all your Apple devices and you only have to touch them twice to gain access to Siri. We are pleased to offer users to try them with iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2.

Due to a unique processor Apple W1 many functions not possible before, became true nowadays. Two optical sensors and acceleration sensors in each earplug along with W1 processor define if the earplugs are in your ears, so sound is transmitted only when you are ready to listen. Only plug them out to stop playing music or take out one of the earplugs if you want to talk on the phone, then only plug it in and you can continue listening to your music again. Touch them twice to use your assistant Siri. Now you can choose music and control it, change the volume, check the battery and perform any other tasks using Siri. Additional sensor in each earplug defines if you speak or not. A pair of sound catching microphones focuses on your voice, filtering outside noises that is why your voice sound much more distinct than ever before.  

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A super economical processor Apple W1 uses only a third of the power usual wireless processors need, so one recharge will be enough for 5 hours of listening to music. A specially developed charging casing keeps additional charge, providing a maximum time of listening to music (about 24 hours).

New wireless earplugs Apple AirPods will come to sale at the price of $159 in the end of October. You can order them on To use them you need such devices as Apple (iOS 10), watchOS 3 or macOS Sierra.

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