VR As a Tool To Treat Children

The technology of virtual reality is becoming more and more relevant in medicine. Even today VR is used as a tool for medical learning, different psychological pathologies treatment, like depression and phobia. Thanks to new company Kickstarter, the technology of virtual reality is likely to become an instrument of reducing pain and anxiety for children being treated at medical establishments.

This new project, called Dreamland, was founded by Oniric Interactive. Drealand is a VR game aimed mainly at distracting children.  The description is as the following:

“Children are small adults. They perceive pain differently, and they attitude to each painful manipulation is different. Anxiety and foreboding of something unpleasant make perception more acute and threatens the whole process of treatment, because a child is unlikely not agree to it”.

Dreamland transfers a little patient into a fantastic world, full of friendly dragons, inhabiting an island and destroying berries’ enemies. Using an apple gun, players should defend the dragon island against little invaders.

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VR-game is compatible to virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift, which helps to understand its operation and start playing. For instance, you can aim at enemy turning your head, and throw an apple at invader, pressing the button once. VR-experience was devised to avoid “cyber sea sickness” of children playing the game.

The project developer from Oniric Interactive needs 7,000 Canadian dollars to embody the project. At present it managed to raise 330 Canadian dollars and  there is only 24 days left before Kickstarter closes.

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