VRware Developing IoT Strategy

VMware announced about the collaboration in the IoT field aimed at diminishing the gaps between IT world and the world of operating technologies. VMware signed contracts with such companies as Bayshore Networks, Dell, Intwine Connect, Deloitte Digital, PTC and V5 Systems.


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According to the IDC report about the expenditures spent on the IoT, by 2019 the costs will rise up to $1.3 trillion. Despite many companies trying to apply the IoT technologies in their business and solutions for their clients, IoT still need some considerable changes to be used on constant basis. Nowadays the IoT projects are predominantly governed by company’s operational departments. However, at the stage of integrating these pilot projects, they face some difficulties connected with the need of proper IT technologies usage. VMware is going to help in addressing this problem and give IT a perfect opportunity to provide business with the infrastructure needed. VRware will also help the IT team to arrange the IoT operation and control in order to adjust these new elements to the whole infrastructure of the company.  

IoT is considered to be one of the biggest market since the time of Internet invention, nonetheless its technologies are only making their first steps in business. “As a company supplying technological innovations for more than 20 years, we will try to use our key skills in the field of IoT, operational policy and safety to offer our customers specific IoT solution”, says Bask Iyer, chief information officer and general IoT manager. “Our shared work with partners will help businesses meet their strategic needs for IoT applications, analytics, hardware and services, ultimately extending their reach from the data center and cloud to the edge.”

In June VRware announced a new product LIoTA (Little IoT Agent), a Set of the Developer (SDK) with open code that enable creating secure IoT gateway data and control orchestration apps. VMware is going to continue developing IoT solutions to help its clients to solve difficult IoT use cases in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, government, CPG and many other fields.

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