10 Unexpected Ways To Use Virtual Reality

When it comes to Virtual Reality, some people still associate it only with videogames. Nonetheless, this wonderful technology have many other unusual and unexpected ways of application. Here you can find out more about some of them.

Motor Function Recovery


Virtual Reality indeed helps people with paralyzed lower limbs to restore motion activity. People, which legs did not work at all, achieved also good results: some motion functions improved. For sure, it is only the beginning.

PSD Treatment


Posttraumatic stress disorder is a serious mental state, which often happens with people that experienced all horrors of war. To heal this people doctors use expositional therapy when people are immersed in horrible memories and given the possibility to get rid of nightmares. Virtual Reality became an ideal tool for such patients.

Medical Students’ Practice


Virtual Reality provides medical students with safe environment where they can master their skills. The tool is extremely useful for surgeons, dentists and other specialists working manually.

Relief of Pain


Doctors use Virtual Reality as a part of “distraction therapy”, when patients experience painful treatment. The research, carried out in 2011, showed that game SnowWorld, where a user has to throw snowballs with penguins, relieves the pain more effectively than morphine.

Panic Attacks Release


According to research conducted by psychoanalysts, about 40 million USA citizens at least once during their lifetime have experienced a panic attack. Especially for such people doctors developed a special “virtual yoga” which helps to cope with attacks of such kind.

Socialization for Autistic People


Virtual Reality help people with different forms of autism to develop social skills and integrate into the society. Children, adolescents and young people using Virtual Reality experience different social scenarios like an interview or a date and they are taught how to behave in such occasions. And this is not only about remembering some standard behavior models. Having monitored brain activity of such people, scientists proved that brain part responsible for social interaction enlarges while such experiments.

Business Help


For example, Virtual Reality can significantly reduce the costs spent on business trips. Instead of going to another city to visit some important conference, in the nearest future a person will have a possibility to send there his virtual avatar.  

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Architectural Modelling


Since the invention of Virtual Reality, architects get a perfect tool allowing them to see a building designed by them before its construction. Scrutinizing drawings and models of the project can not be compared with virtual walking in the hall of your future building. An architect gets an opportunity to check if the rooms are situated in the right and comfortable manner and if it easy to get to fire escapes. And finally, a presentation of a project using it virtual model will be more understandable for the client than a big foam model.

Car Safety Check


A few years ago engineers could check car safety only carrying out a crash test. Today the developers prefer at first crash cars in Virtual Reality that tries to reproduce all real world conditions. If a car passes a Virtual Reality test, companies will start real crash tests.

Rest Planning


Virtual Reality allows people, planning their vocation, to visit places of a planned trip. If a user likes a short virtual walk through the place, he can buy a real vacation package. As research showed, such virtual trips dramatically increase sales.

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