OKCoin Provides a Six-Figure Grant to Bitcoin Developer Mark Falke

Bitcoin Core contributor and maintainer Marco Falke has become the fourth beneficiary of the OKCoin Independent Developer Grant.

The platform recognized Falke’s contribution to the development and promotion of Bitcoin. He is one of the most active developers and is currently focused on improving test infrastructure to ensure network reliability and security. Falke will also participate in the modularization of Bitcoin Core’s code to simplify the work of Bitcoin developers.

OKCoin CEO Hong Fang said the company is “motivated to invest in Bitcoin as it is fundamental to the development of the industry.”

The amount of the grant remains undisclosed, but it is known that this is a six-figure amount. In total, together with the latest grant, OKCoin has already provided Bitcoin developers with $500 thousand.

Earlier, the exchange funded the Bitcoin payment processing service BTCPay Server, as well as Bitcoin Core developers Fabian Yar and Amity Uttarwar.

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