How To Solve Most Common iOS10 Problems

If you encounter a problem, updating iOS 10 are not alone. But good news is that you can solve some of them on your own.

Battery Dies to Quickly  

Many users, having updated the operating system September, 13 noticed that their battery drains too quickly. It is expected that the problem will be solved in iOS 10.1, however, at present users have only one option: to complain.


To make your iPhone or iPad battery live longer, switch off the apps updates. Open Settings app > General > Background App Refresh > Turn off. There you will see a list of background updates. You do not need most of them and they make your battery life shorter.

Turn off your fitness tracker and unnecessary apps. If you have Apple Watch or fitness bracelet, you do not need to track your fitness activity. Such apps as Health, Microsoft Health, TripAdvisor or Wаze also kill battery life.

Turn off Wi-Fi, when you are not at work. Constant search of available networks drains your battery. The lightening of the screen is main reason for diminishing the battery life, so be sure that the brightness of your screen is not too high. The last piece of advice is to check everything in Settings >Battery.


Smartphones Turn off after Upgrading

After three months of iOS 10 Beta-testing that long-expected release just confused the owners of iPhones by turning their phones into useless things.

Fortunately, the solution is easy: old iTunes will help your devices to recover. So your computer can help you.


Before upgrading be sure that you have saved all necessary information elsewhere, so in case of a disaster you will have a reserved copy. System iCloud and automatic backups will give you a hand, of course, if you have enough gigabytes.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Problems

This problem occurs every year, so it is not at all unexpectedly. However, these two problems may be solved at once. Open Settings>General> Reset > Reset Network Settings. This is the third number in the list. Remember if you want to have all your information after resetting, do not forget to save it. Choosing Reset Network Settings, you save all your data, but all data about upgrades will be lost. As rule, this trick helps many users.

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The Home-Button Functional Has Changed

The functions of the button Home have changed. To unblock the device now you can’t swipe on the right as it used to be. Instead you need to press Home-button to make a fingerprint sensor work. Apple thinks that it is more handy.


If you do not agree with the statement, you can choose an old way of unblocking . However, these settings are somewhere in the bottom of the menu. Open Settings app > General >Universal access>Home (this option is somewhere in the middle of the list) and choose “Finger for unblocking”. Thus, you will be able to unlock the phone, without pressing Home button.


Vibration Does not Work

Some users complain that their smartphone stopped vibrating while receiving messages. To solve this problem, try to reboot your smartphone: press Sleep button and hold it for 10 seconds.

If it doesn’t work, you will have to reset factory default settings. Before doing it, do not forget to reserve the information you need, because resetting will erase all data.  


Touch ID Stopped Working

If Touch ID does not work or becomes unresponsive after upgrading, try the following: open Settings > Touch ID >Password, then enter the password. Switch on iTunes and AppStore and reboot the device. Then open the same menu again and turn on the magazines.


Maybe you will have to delete and then scan your fingerprints again. In the same menu, find Fingerprints, delete them, reboot the device and then scan your fingerprints again. Hopefully, Touch ID will respond again.


iPhone Cellular Network is not Connected

In case, you have already tried to reboot the device, you can try to switch on and off a plane mode, but you will have to repeat this action sometimes, however it is still faster than rebooting. Some sources recommend to upgrade iOS 10 via iTunes, connecting your smartphone with a computer.


Some operators provide cellular network inconsistent with iOS 10, in this case, the only thing to do is to delete the new operating system and install the old one using  iTunes.


External Keyboards Do not Work

Many users complained that such keyboards as Swype or Bitmoji stopped working, did not respond or just turned off randomly after upgrading iOS operating system. Most keyboards developers know about the problem and they are going to supply updates for iOS 10. So check your keyboard, may be it also has some updates. If no, you will have to switch off the keyboard using Settings  > General  >Keyboard.


Purchased Ringtones Disappear

If you bought some ringtones, you are likely not to find them in the list for iOS 10. The developers encountered the same problem in the previous updates, fortunately there is an easy way to solve it. Connect your smartphone with a computer and launch iTunes. Click on your smartphone in the right corner and tick ‘Sync Tones’.


Device Warms up while Charging

If you discovered that after updates your smartphone gets hotter, do not worry. It is not going to explode.  

Probably the operating system continues updating in the background mode even during charging, that is why it heats more than usual.  

Just give your smartphone more time or try to switch it off Wi-Fi and mobile Internet during charging.


Even More Problems?

Only a few days ago the operating system was launched, so more problems not mentioned here are likely to appear. Write about them and we will answer you in our next article. iOS 10 is a good system but it is not perfect.

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