10 Cool APIs for Your Next Software Project

To put it simply, an API is a tool that tells a specific system what you want from it and returns a response. Think of the API as a messenger. As you can imagine, APIs are extremely useful when building software applications.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 cool APIs that you can use in your next software project.

1. Exchange Rate API

Exchange Rate API is a free tool that supports over 160 currencies. Its advantages include ease of use, world exchange rates, ultra-fast and accurate conversions, and more.

Project idea: Create an application that allows users to enter a currency and amount of money and then convert it to any other currency of their choice.


This API is extremely powerful. You can get published articles, blog posts, and comments, see followers, see tags of users they follow, and much more.

Project idea: Create an app that enables users to read dev.to articles and feeds about mobile development!

3. Spotify API

Like the DEV API, this API is very powerful. With the Spotify API, you can get metadata about music, artists, albums, tracks, and user data.

Project idea: Create a wallpaper app that will feature album covers from Spotify.

4. YouTube API

YouTube API is the official YouTube API from Google. With this API, you can query YouTube data and embed YouTube videos, use a subscription button, and more.

Project idea: Create an app that will search for YouTube videos based on certain user parameters.

5. Twitter API

This API allows you to receive tweets, user data, interact with them, and more.

Project idea: create a Twitter bot that can tweet, follow users, and do other things on your account.

6. Twillio API

Twilio API is extremely powerful and can be used for many things. We have used it to send messages from one Twilio phone number to another phone number.

Project idea: create a bot that uses your Twilio number to greet your friends or clients on their birthday and other public holidays.

7. Edamam API

Edamam API is an API that returns recipes for cooking.

Project idea: create an app that asks the user what they would like to eat and returns a recipe for how to cook it.

8. Stripe API

Stripe API is an API that allows users to make payments and send money to your credit card. It is an extremely popular API for any site or application that requires payment.

Project idea: create a store that allows users to pay for goods directly on the website or in the app.

9. Google Maps API

Using the Google Maps API, you can do a variety of things, from embedding maps in your site or application, to, for example, getting a set of routes to a specific location.

Project idea: create a restaurant finder app that guides you to the nearest restaurant.

10. Finnhub API

Finnhub API allows you to get stock market data. This API is trusted by many reputable companies such as Google and Tyson.

Project idea: create an app that gets the latest data on Tesla stock values ​​and calculates how much you could make if you bought it in 2015.

Good luck with your next software project!

Stay tuned with Software Focus!

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