Life Saving Wearables

The term “wearables” first appeared in 1868 when the first-ever wristwatch was introduced. Since then its meaning acquired new connotations both in terms of technology and diversity. Today, the term wearables is used in many spheres starting with fashion and ending with healthcare or wellness. More and more manufacturers are becoming more focused on wearable tech that in some situations may help them to stay afloat. Wearable devices let you track your overall wellbeing, can help you beat life-threatening diseases or even inform you whether you need to have some rest while driving for too long. Here are just some examples of wearable sensor gadgets and algorithms to save people’s life.

June by Netatmo

At first sight this tiny device looks like an ordinary bracelet that has nothing to do with life saving. But in long-term perspective it can actually save your life by protecting you from potential skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer and is mainly caused by sun rays. Netatmo June tracks the amount of sunlight your skin has been exposed to and tells you when this amount becomes dangerous, so that you can use your suntan lotion or go to the shady area to avoid rays. All you need to do is to install the application that provides you with useful tips during the sunlight on your smartphone.

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Arc Pendant

Riding a bike on heavy-traffic roads is often pretty risky. Arc Pendant’s aims at making such rides safer. It helps users navigate without looking at a map through tactile signals, namely, the device reads a map and notifies the biker with a vibration where to turn. In such a way there is no need to be distracted from the road where the situation may change in a blink of an eye. The smart pendant is worn around the neck that is, by the way, an ideal position for monitoring user’s heart rate. If it gets too fast the device notifies you about it so that you can cool down a little. This function may be lifesaving for the older bikers indeed.


The road may be deadly not only for bikers but for car drivers as well. It is especially true when it comes to fatigue that reduces driver’s concentration level. Vigo is developed to mitigate the risks in the long drive case. This device tracks your blinking patterns and alerts you when you lose focus. It can be activated in different ways depending of user’s settings. For instance, it alerts drivers with a vibration or by playing their favorite song aloud. These signals will for sure remind you to make an overnight stop or to have another cup of coffee before continuing the trip.

Google Contact Lens

A new Google’s prototype of a smart contact lens with sensors and an extra thin radio antenna can track glucose levels in tears and send this data to the wearer’s smartphone. This may be exceptionally helpful for those with diabetes, allowing them to monitor their glucose and avoid dropping below a certain level, thus reducing or eliminating deadly risks.

Image: ShutterStock

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