Top 5 Disruptive Telehealth Solutions 2016

Telemedicine is one of the leading-edge areas of medical care realm based on the usage of modern television and computer communications for information exchange among patients and doctors, as well as for remote medical assistance.

Bulleted list of solutions

Telemedicine and its technology is a comprehensive term for all existing service systems and activities in medicine, which involve telecommunication facilities to increase the level of health care industry development and to improve training systems, distribution, and research in this area. The implementation of remote consultations with doctors, the flow of relevant information about new discoveries, training and management of data segment required certain technologies to be applied. This trend has appeared not until fairly recently and the information from beginners can be found on the website, where founders and leading experts illuminate their mission.

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In 2016, telemedicine development will need not only huge amounts of money, but also great efforts. There are five the most remarkable innovations to be expected in the near future:

  1. Smart watches and bracelets. Many people are familiar with fitness bracelets, which can calculate the load on the organism, remind to take pills, measure heart rate using a sensor located on the strap. In the coming year the use of these bracelets will become universal. They will be used not only by fitness-fans, but also by those who are not involved in sports. The US has already begun to provide the practice of wearing fitness bracelets for  students. The information collected about the health of students affects the final grade in physical education. This will allow to evaluate students more objectively and give them a commensurate burden.
  2. Intelligent houses have been established in Japan and have been much spread around the world since then and their number is expected to increase in the following year. This house cannot control the light and music but can collect information about its tenants. Thus, bathrooms and toilets are equipped with sensors constantly monitoring the state of appearance. If the result violates the norm sensors alert the owner.
  3. Remote surgery comes out from the experimental space into the real world. The device, known as da Vinci, appeared in a variety of clinics all over the world. Due to this technique surgeon can perform an operation remotely using multiple magnification and 3D image. The precision of operations only increase, and in 2016 will see this practice widespread.
  4. Influence on the environment. On the one hand, notorious fitness bracelets helped to define the earthquake. Depending on data transmitted from the bracelets some people woke up feeling out the earth tremors and some of them slept tight (being farther away from the epicenter of the disaster). With the help of monitoring data, scientists plan to quickly analyze future climate changes since they directly affect people’s state of health.
  5. It is possible to improve the state of health with the help of smells and sounds. Disposed recognizers of people’s faces and the same data from the analyzers, bracelets and smartphones applications will help scientists to create a whole industry aimed at improving the human health next year. Thus, it can be determined as something that influences person positively awakening in the morning or performing on their workplace.

It is not known which of the projects would be successfully completed by the end of 2016, but the abundance of gadgets makes it clear that we always use it in everyday life and latest analysis proves telemedicine to be one of the most technologically advanced domains.

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