6 Most Useful iOS Keyboards

In the latest versions of iOS a standard keyboard obtained a lot of changes. For example, a full-scale predictive input and 3D Touch cursor trackpad. So devices do not need any additional keyboards anymore; however, some alternatives can be still useful. Here you can find some information about iOS keyboards that you can find useful.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to compete with a standard keyboard in speed and comfort of usage. No doubt, lovers of novelty will prefer alternatives; however, the only real advantage of additional keyboards is their functionality that standard iOS keyboards may lack.



This keyboard developed by Google still does not have Russian language. On the other hand, you can find GIFs, video and pictures or find the location of necessary establishments nearby. It has many features of a standard keyboard: Gboard supports gesture typing and predictive input.  However, such function may be useless if you want to type in Russian.



Slash is a keyboard for full-scale work with additional services. Entering a slash, a user can interact with Spotify, Google, Twitter, YouTube, pictures and a dozen of other services. With the help of it, you can also send GIFs. Unfortunately, neither Gboard nor Slash have Russian keyboard layout yet, but they can be a perfect add to your standard keyboard.



Android users like this keyboard because it has Russian keyboard layout and gesture typing. It also can learn your vocabulary using Swiftkey Cloud that save the most commonly entered words. Predictive input is a main feature of Swiftkey that has made it so popular.

Wonder Keyboard


A curious keyboard for people communicating in English and considering his vocabulary as limited. Wonder Keyboard replaces commonplace words and phrases by their more interesting and smarter counterparts. The keyboard will suggest changing “great party” to “bodacious party”, “super cool” to “laudable” and “smart” to “cultivated”. Both beginners and advanced learners will find this keyboard rather handy for extending their vocabulary.

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Reboard, is like Slash, a keyboard working with different services. Reboard supports sending Dropbox and Google Drive documents, YouTube search and it can send a Wikipedia link. This keyboard does not have Russian but its functionality makes it a good addition to a standard keyboard.



Almost all additional keyboard allows sending GIFs but none does it as successfully as Giphy. This is a keyboard of a namesake service, which has a non-limited range of GIFs grouped by their topics. A user can even create his own GIFs using the keyboard.

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