Android Instant Apps is a killer for App Store

A lot of entertaining innovations were presented at the annual conference of Google developers, taking place on Wednesday. Among other new developments, Android Instant Apps technology was presented. Although the visitors didn’t pay so much attention to this his new app as to a voice interface Home or a new system of virtual reality Daydream, it is certainly the thing can influence the future of high-tech world, changing the mobile apps for good.

In fact, it is Google answer to Apple iOS and the concept of app shop. To be more exact, it’s the first step to destroy app shop as a concept.

Android Instant gives the users the possibility to access any Android app (or its part) without installing it on your mobile. Imagine that your friend shared a video but you don’t have the appropriate player. You will have to download the app… But according to the concept of the offered app the video will download at once. You won’t spend more time on it than on downloading a usual web page.

As Google explains it, the developers decided to create a mobile app similar to the Internet. To watch a YouTubevideo you don’t have to install it, do you? Clicking any link, you access the necessary page, not the main page of the site or the request to download the whole site.

Mobile apps do not work like this. At present, they work in the space of apps shop created by Apple. Mobile world have to download the apps, paying for them, and it’s rather profitable for Apple. Consequently, the developers that use the advertisement focus on the index of downloading and active users per day or week.

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This is not the case with Google. Because Google overwhelmed the Internet, investigating the behavior of people and selling this information for targeted advertising. Until now they gain much more profit from advertising than sale in Google play.

Today the technology of “external connecting” already exists; it uses Quixey, Deeplink and URX to create direct connection between different functions of apps, installed on mobile. Google had got its own prototype – App Link. And  now Android Instant has upgraded its concept and enabled users not to download the app.

It’s worth mentioning that the company has already demanded from developers to use AppLink. Google has changed its searching algorithms so that the apps used in AppLink, can be seen at the top of the search. Moreover, it influenced the order in which the developers’ sites appear in the search list. It means that if you don’t use AppLink nobody will learn about your app. Android Instant is supposed to be used in the same way.


However, the developers do not object. Many even like the idea, especially the ones who are engaged in developing mobile apps for economy class. Others suppose that the technology will help the target users to find the apps more easily. It seems that the iOs users expect to promote Instant widely so that Apple will demand the development of its prototype.


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