Facebook To Turn Off Support for Individual Oculus Accounts

Some games and applications will stop working for outdated accounts.

In October 2020, Facebook will disable support for individual user accounts of Oculus VR headsets, but owners of existing ones will be able to use them until January 1, 2023. After that, the headsets will no longer receive any new updates.

All future generations of the Oculus headsets will require Facebook login. The company will offer existing accounts to permanently combine them with pages on social networks. The legacy generation of headsets with unlinked Facebook accounts can continue to work, but some games and apps will stop working.

The Oculus for Business platform uses a different authorization method, so it will remain unchanged, according to The Verge. Developers may not link their accounts and can continue to use them without social functions.

Now the social network itself, and not the Facebook Technologies division, will be responsible for the privacy policy, processing, and storage of data from Oculus accounts.

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