Gadgets News And Talking Fridge (Video)

Today we would like to bring to your attention a selection of three interesting gadgets. No, this is not about virtual reality. Quite the contrary, it’s about technology, which seamlessly integrates into your everyday life. So, what is it on our list? Smart pen, smart switches, and voice assistant, which slipped into the kitchen.


Best Sketches

Nowadays stylus is a relic from the past. Stylograph pen, which is made of copper, can pass on your notes and pictures to Android and iOS. In order to capture them, the device has a camera on the tip and an accelerometer. One hour of charging allows for about two days of operation. If it happens that you don’t have access to your smartphone or tablet, you can save all the necessary information on the pen itself and then export it as a PDF file.
However, it’s not all that simple. Technological magic is completed with quite a few restrictions: all these wonderful opportunities are available only when you write on a special mineral paper with a transparent marking, which appears only in A5 format and costs $25 for a block of 190 pages.
The pen itself costs $300, which is $100 more than the price of its competitor Evernote Smart Writing Set, but Stylograph can be refilled with standard ballpoint capsules and its paper blocks are $5 cheaper than those of Evernote.
It is not that this gadget is indispensable to live, but my gosh, it is so hip and edgy. And far more sophisticated than the usual typing. If you are a businessperson or a journalist and it’s pretty essential for you to keep a high profile, you should definitely consider buying Stylograph.


Smart Switches for Dummies

Have you ever tried to change the usual switcher to an adjustable resistor? What a horrible revelation it is to know that your live and earth wires are improperly allocated! And then you’ll have to wait for long and pay a pretty penny to a professional electrician. One of the major hindrances between smart homes and us is difficulties in the equipment installation.
Switchmate decided to circumvent the issue. The smart switch is fixed up on top of the existing one and is instantly in working order. Home WiFi is even not obligatory – the system can operate via Bluetooth. You can even set the timer so that the light turns off in the evening or automatically turns on as you approach the door while coming back home.

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There are, however, two minor complexities. Firstly, smart switches are developed for the most widespread and well-known standard switches in the USA and those differ greatly from the switches we have in Ukraine. It is worth mentioning, that developers encourage you to send them photos of your switches so that they could create a greater variety of smart products. The second disturbing issue is the price – $40. However, we hope that production will become large-scale and therefore prices will be reduced. Nonetheless, the first steps towards a Smart House have already been made.


Talking Fridge

Personal assistances do their best to follow you in every quarter. The bolt of the blue, outrunning its more formidable opponents, Amazon Alexa shoots ahead. It is portable to several home appliances. Of the outstanding interest is Triby from Invoxi.
This small device has the high-intensity microphone and dynamics, equipped with small E-Ink display (which marks him out from Amazon Echo) and magnetic frame helps to secure it to your fridge. With the help of Triby you can listen to music either from your own collection or from streaming services. It is also possible to google a receipt with the help of voice commands.
Another simply awesome and valuable function is the ability to redirect calls to Triby’s dynamics. Isn’t it annoying that everybody starts calling you just at the time when you wash up or cook a dinner? Not an issue anymore.
The device costs $200. A pricey pleasure, but it’s practical and user-friendly. And it is way more convenient, than trying to activate Siri with flour-covered hands.

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