Top 5 Applications For iPhone In June

Hundreds of interesting applications and games appear every day in the App Store. And every day it is more and more difficult to find something really worthy. Every month we try to offer several games and applications, and this time, we made a selection for June.


Train Conductor World

Simulators of trains have always been popular ever since Dendy. Almost all of such games were interesting, simple in terms of management, pleasant in the graphics. You could sit for hours and build railroads, connecting the new stations. The game Train Conductor World is one of these, even if it is not characterized by the availability of the plot and excellent graphics. Still, it is possible to find the flavor that will not let you go for hours.

Your role in the game is limited to a switchman and you only need to send a moving train on a specific branch in time. Initially, the task seems very simple, but after the speed increase at higher levels, you will have to work hard.

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First, you are given 3 lines and a dozen of trains that need to be redirected to the correct track. From level to level number of lines as the number of trains will grow. The road can be optimized, rocket boosters can be used.

Sketches Pro


It would seem to us that we see a typical drawing program again, but everything is not so simple. Besides the fact that there is a choice of 9 variants of brushes, erasers, and other tools with a huge choice of colors, the application makes extensive use of the possibility of 3D Touch Screen. Yes, Sketches Pro is able to recognize the force of pressing the finger on the screen and thus you get a greater variety of opportunities for creativity. Of course, this is not a professional application for drawing, but it is possible to draw a masterpiece with sufficient effort.




The application will easily turn your iPhone or even iPad into a LED screen with a running line. It’s a funny feature, but you may need it sometimes. Imagine that you are with your friends in a noisy bar or at a concert, where you will not hear each other even being close. Or another situation, where on the contrary it is strictly forbidden to make noise. In such situations, you can show your message in large letters on the screen. Variants of using LED it is infinite. With this application, you can say more, even when it is almost impossible.



This application is just one of those which many have heard about and which are not worth talking about much. Application must be used because it is the best one. You will easily translate large texts from Russian into English that is often needed at the moment when you are visiting another country. It is also important that ReDict works offline well. Among the main features we will mention:

  • Translation of the text from the clipboard;
  • Instant search of the translation of words and similar words;
  • The word and its translation can be sent to social networks, by email, in the text message, or sent for a print;
  • There is support of transcription for English and accents for Russian languages;
  • The translation of the words not found when you are online;
  • Replacement of misspelled words and their translation.

The free version of ReDict is limited to smaller words base, the section “Favorites” is limited to 5 records, the history of translations search is limited to 10 records, and there are advertising banners.


From time to time we make changes in the scenery at home, stick new wallpaper. It is the same with the smartphones. We can change the wallpaper on the screen several times a day depending on the mood. For the iPhone you will need application – it is the most popular variant and a source of free HD wallpapers.

You need a minimum of effort – to choose the wallpaper you liked, download it or add it to your favorites, create your own collection of beautiful pictures. Every hour new images are added to So there is always something to see.

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