10 Best August Services And Apps

Here you can find a little belated collection of the best services and apps, launched this month. The selection was made according to the Product Hunt ratings, users’ feedbacks and reviews of different publications.

Google Doc Publisher


Google Docs documents can be published to the web. Then, they will be available for any net user, who follows the link. However, the standard publication tools leave much to be desired. Google Doc Publisher will fix the problem of garbled documents. You only have to paste a document link in Goggle Docs site and to copy a new link from the service.


Calls in Slack

At last Skype can be replaced by Slack owing all Skype functions. A beta-version of calls works quite well, though you still can use it only in desktop and iOS. Users can call one another or make group calls. During the call, you are able to send emoji, add new contacts and change audio settings. The function is available for all Slack users, who took part in beta testing.

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“Escape” is a free utility for OS X, which tracks your wasted time. “Escape” monitors the time one spends on Facebook, Twitter, messengers, iTunes and mails. The collected data are presented in a graph or with the help of statistics. The app gives pretty much food for reflection.



Software Focus has already reported on the free photo stocks with quite pleasant photos. GoodFreePhotos is one of them, comprising a great number of photos. The most frequent categories are animals, plants, landscapes and textures. At present, there are about 6000 shots in the stock.


BetterChat is an OS X-client for WhatsApp. The app supports audios, photo shooting and videotaping with FaceTime camera, as well as group chats. The settings allow to adjust the application design to your taste. BetterChat is now available on sale for just $0,99.


There are a great amount of messengers nowadays. Each user may have on average from 3 to 7 communication apps. Some of them, such as Telegram, with its bots and channels, send hundreds of notifications in a day. Franz is a desktop client, which combines functions of Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Massanger, Hangouts and some other less popular massagers.  The app is free and runs on Windows, OS X and Linux.



Today is another habit manager for iOS, which is practically similar to many others, except its lovely, user-friendly interface. The free app version allows you to enter and keep track of one habit only. To remove this restriction you have to buy premium version for $4,99.


Just like the previous app, Viki’s peculiarity is its excellent interface. This app allows to look for and read articles on Wikipedia. In case you are near some sights, mentioned on Wikipedia, Viki will inform you and guide you with a map. The app comes at a price of $0,99 and is available for iOs only.



Carrd was designed by a university student. It allows you to create a simple promo site for only a few minutes. A user chooses one of the site templates and then moves and changes the elements – inscriptions, images, animations etc. The server is free. However, some its options, like forms or domain names are available with Pro for $19/year.



UpLabs is Product Hunt alternative, but made specially for designers. All the registered users can share their projects, interesting links or freebies – free mockups, tools and materials for other designers. The site has a rating system – the most upvoted materials, are displayed at the very top.

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