Tesla S Owner Paid $11,000 Fine For Environmental Pollution in Singapore

Singapore authorities have fined Joe Ngayen, the owner of Tesla S model, for $11,000 for the fact that his car is polluting environment. By consuming too much electricity, Tesla S increases the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Joe bought a car in Hong Kong for $51,000 in July last year, expecting to receive partial compensation from the state. In Singapore, the owners of electric cars (aka e-cars) are provided tax benefits of approximately $10,800 according to the Singapore’s Carbon Emissions Vehicle Scheme (CEVS). But instead, he had to pay a fine of almost the same size. This happened because the car was checked at the LTA, the local Ministry of Transportation, and it was found that Tesla S isn’t eco-friendly.

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The Tesla S model was tested for ECE R101 standard and, according to local authorities, it turned out that the car uses 444 Vt.h per kilometer. The country accepted a norm when each Vt.h leads to 0.5 g of polluting emissions. That is, Model S emits indirectly 222 grams of CO2 per kilometer. At the same time, according to Tesla Motors official estimates, this model uses only 210 Vt.h per kilometer.

Elon Musk, the head of Tesla Motors, has already discussed this question with the prime minister of the country.

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