CannaTech Trends In Europe 2020

Alphagreen’s CEO Alexej Pikovsky shares his thoughts on what’s trending in the European cannabis industry in 2020.

As an industry, Cannatech is in its early stages of development. When it comes to Europe, the industry is five years behind the US and Canada so a lot of the trends coming to Europe are picked up by looking at North American trends, business models, and companies.

The cannabis plant consists of more than 120 cannabinoids; while CBD is the most popular compound sold over-the-counter in Europe, many other compounds (such as Cannabigerol, or CBG) will become available— potentially, terpenes will also hit the market in isolation or in combination with other ingredients. Combining ingredients in one product is another big trend. We can already see several Vitamin D + CBD launches, as well as Tumeric and CBD and many other combinations. There will be many more combinations and also many more flavors out there.

As Alphagreen’s survey found out, there is a huge demand for CBD and people are using it to treat various conditions, from anxiety and stress, to sleep and chronic pain treatment. One trend could be the combination of Cannabis-related products with other measures such as meditation, yoga, retreats, and even workouts.

Finally, when it comes to personalization, we are likely to see a lot of progress that will be driven by the big database of genomics available to us, as well as AI and machine learning. This technology could be used to accurately understand the impact of various cannabinoids, compounds, and their proportions on certain medical conditions which could increase the likelihood of cannabis/CBD benefitting certain conditions. It could also make it possible for patients to then receive prescriptions for medical cannabis that are hyper-personalized.”

There is huge potential for these Cannatech trends to take off and grow exponentially in Europe over the next few years. 

What is Alphagreen and how it makes a difference 

Alphagreen is a tech startup founded in October 2019. Since then, it has grown rapidly to become Europe’s leading platform for CBD-based and alternative healthcare products.

Along with its B2C offerings, Alphagreen has B2B offerings for retailers looking to buy cannabis-induced products in bulk. In addition, Alphagreen provides tech-enabled services to its brands. These include SEO, Display Advertising, as well as setting up E-commerce operations for many international players looking to enter the European market. The company already has 80 brands listed with over 870 products and is constantly onboarding new brands. Some of the popular brands listed on Alpahgreen include OTO, Trip Drinks, Ignite, Dragonfly, Erbology, and many more, check to see if they stock your favorite brands here.  

The Founders’ Journey 

Alphagreen was founded as Alexej Pikovsky (CEO) who combined his passion for health and wellbeing with Viktor Khliupko’s (CTO) passion for technology and innovation.

Having used CBD previously to alleviate psychological and physiological issues, Alexej spotted a gap in the market for reliable and effective CBD products that are available in a range of formats rather than just oils and vapes. Alexej’s willingness to develop this spotted opportunity further led him to reach out to an old friend who was also an expert in e-commerce development, Viktor. Together, they launched

Alphagreen successfully completed its first fundraising round in February 2020 and immediately scaled the team while constantly developing its platform and service offerings. 

Other prosperous milestones for Alphagreen included carrying out the UK’s largest CBD consumer survey to date which was also featured on Forbes! Thanks to Alphagreen’s exceptional founders and hard-working team, they also managed to overtake competitors in terms of organic traffic just within nine months of trading as a business. 

Alphagreen makes a difference by offering a wide variety of reliable CBD and alternative healthcare products to people so they can enhance their wellbeing and be their best selves. They have a sophisticated process of onboarding brands which ensures that all CBD products they onboard have been lab-tested to the highest standards in an accredited testing laboratory; brands are required to provide COAs to support the high quality of their products they are claiming. 

Following their findings from their CBD survey, they realized there is a significant lack of education and awareness about what CBD actually is. Therefore, they launched their Academy and Medium Blog to demystify what CBD is and show people the true potential of CBD and how it can benefit them and make a difference. These efforts are also constantly pursued on their social media through their Cannapedia Series, which offers quick, digestible facts about CBD each week.  

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